Tom and Janelle, Kitchen and Master Bath Remodel

Hello Thomas.  We wanted to express our appreciation for the fine work you have done on our master bath and kitchen remodel.  Your contractors were professional, the craftsmanship was superior and you completed both projects ahead of schedule.  The ooohhs and aahhhs we receive when people see the transformation for the first time is priceless.  Thank you for your hard work and we hope to look into more projects around the house in the future with you.  Take care.

Rich and Judi, New Home Construction

Hi, Thomas, Rich and I are very appreciative of the photos and captions/explanations that you are providing via email. Each step seems to be going so smoothly, and we know that your expertise and efficient scheduling approach is the reason for that–so thanks for everything. Things look as if they are moving right along . . . and we still are very impressed by the neatness of the worksite–thanks!  It communicates that you care a lot about creating a beautiful home for us and we greatly appreciate that!

Janelle and Chuck, Screened Porch Addition

Thanks so much for our terrific porch. It’s my favorite part of our entire home!!!

Jack, Kitchen/Great Room Remodel

Hey Thomas, working with you was not like any other experience I have ever had working with a contractor. Your straight forwardness and honesty truly sets you apart from everyone else.  Just wanted to let you know that I had an old family friend over the other day. He has been a carpenter for many, many years and he was blown away by the craftsmanship in my house. He kept going on and on about the quality job you did, especially in the finish work and trim details. I just thought you would want to know that your work so impressed an old carpenter like him.

Curtis, Kitchen Remodel

I absolutely love my kitchen.  You did an incredible job.

Brain and Laura, New Home Construction

Thomas, Thank you for making the construction process of our new home so easy. Being an architect, I definitely had a vision of how I wanted things to look and I think that you nailed it. The quality that you put into our house is evident to everyone who enters and the “green” building techniques you used means that I can feel good about it.

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